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IMSI, PICSI – both methods offered as a standard at IVF CUBE

IVF CUBE clinic offers IMSI and PICSI treatments as standard procedures of sperm selection for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). PICSI has been so far the only method for choosing the mature sperm ready for the oocyte fertilization. IMSI procedure picks out a sperm with the best morphology under high magnifi cation (6000×) of special microscope. For better achievements are both methods often performed together. More in section Therapy - Treatment methods.


No impact of ART on ovarian cancer, continuing vigilance by breast cancer

According to a recent article published in the ESHRE journal Focus on REPRODUCTION monitoring Campus workshop in Kempten, Germany, Israeli epidemiologist L. Lerner-Geva’s case studies examination “relative risk – in the association of ovarian cancer with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation – has not been reproduced”.

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