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IVF CUBE clinic is easy to access by all means of transport. Our facility is located in the Prague suburbs, in the Prague district called Vokovice, placed in the urban park named Sarka (phonetically: Shärka). The clinic is situated very close to the Prague airport with flights from the whole world.


IVF CUBE lies near the tram station Nad Džbánem, which can be reached on tram lines No 20, 26 and 36. You can find the current connection on the web site of the Prague Public Transport Company: Find conection.


IVF CUBE clinic can be easily accessed by car from Evropska Street, which directly follows from Prague Ring, which is connected to all important Czech highways. Our position also allows the car drivers get to our place without significant delays in Prague traffic jam. We dispose of a large parking lot that is continuously watched by camera system supervised by security staff.


IVF CUBE also offers a possibility to use one of our contracted, reliable and very cheap transport service.

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