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Embryo Development Monitoring using EmbryoScope system

Our clinic offers a facility enabling the semicontinual monitoring of the development of cultivated embryos as part of in vitro fertilisation. This facility is essentially a standard incubator, which is critical for the in vitro development of embryos as it meets all the requirements for the optimal environment for embryo development. What’s more, this incubator is also equipped with an embedded camera designed for the automatic recording of images.


Psychological assistance, support and care for IVF CUBE clients

It is by no means uncommon for a diagnosis of infertility to cause a great deal of grief and suffering both to couples longing for pregnancy and to the women themselves. If individuals entering into marriage or a partner relationship have already been informed in advance that they will be unable to have children due to infertility or other serious illness, and if their relationship is therefore primarily focussed on the realisation and satisfaction of goals and needs other than children, serious problems generally do not arise.


Oocyte cryopreservation with good achievements at IVF CUBE

Oocyte cryopreservation belongs among known procedures not wide spread so far. IVF CUBE reaches with this method using oocyte vitrifi cation technique pregnancy rates which are comparable to IVF treatment with cryopreserved embryos or even fresh embryo ART cycles. You can fi nd more in section Therapy - Treatment methods - Cryopreservation of oocytes.


Egg Donation treatment available immediately at IVF CUBE

IVF CUBE provides immediate availability of egg donation ART cycles. There are no waiting times at our clinic for fresh IVF-ICSI cycles with donor oocytes and also donated spermatozoon if needed. All donors, who are accepted at IVF CUBE clinic, have to be examined following the European Tissue and Cell Directives (which is very strict adjusted in Czech Republic in comparison to other EU countries) and are very thoroughly selected in order to match the oocyte recipient. You can fi nd more in section Therapy - Oocyte/Egg Donation.


IMSI, PICSI – both methods offered as a standard at IVF CUBE

IVF CUBE clinic offers IMSI and PICSI treatments as standard procedures of sperm selection for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). PICSI has been so far the only method for choosing the mature sperm ready for the oocyte fertilization. IMSI procedure picks out a sperm with the best morphology under high magnifi cation (6000×) of special microscope. For better achievements are both methods often performed together. More in section Therapy - Treatment methods.


No impact of ART on ovarian cancer, continuing vigilance by breast cancer

According to a recent article published in the ESHRE journal Focus on REPRODUCTION monitoring Campus workshop in Kempten, Germany, Israeli epidemiologist L. Lerner-Geva’s case studies examination “relative risk – in the association of ovarian cancer with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation – has not been reproduced”.

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