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According to a report from NBC News, Apple will start paying for the costs of egg freezing for their female employees beginning in January

According to a report from NBC News, Apple will start paying for the costs of egg freezing for their female employees beginning in January, following in the footsteps of Facebook. It’s all part of a recent movement among Silicon Valley companies to bolster their arsenal of perks for female workers.

Some view this the egg-freezing perk with skepticism, questioning whether it sends the wrong message to our larger society. But ultimately, it’s a good thing - another option for women struggling to deal with the reality that their ideal childbearing years can conflict with crucial career-building years. It’s also a way for technology firms to support female employees, something that’s especially welcome given Silicon Valley’s infamously male-dominated workforce. All the better if such efforts allow those companies to lure new talent as well.


The news could help spur even more companies to offer such perks, and ultimately, it could lead to greater cultural acceptance of egg freezing.

Yes, some wonder if that’s what we really want. “Would potential female associates welcome this option knowing that they can work hard early on and still reproduce, if they so desire, later on, or would they take this as a signal that the firm thinks that working there as an associate and pregnancy are incompatible?”

In other words: Do we really want to support a society that requires us to work so hard that we don’t have time to raise children?

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