Instructions for patients with regards to COVID19 ban on travels to the Czech Republic.

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The travel ban includes following European countries: Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark and France. More countries might follow soon. Borders between the Czech Republic and Germany/Austria are closed for foreigners entering the country. This will take effect from Friday 13.03.20 00:00.

We are coming with simple instructions for our patients in the therapy process from above mentioned countries. Please read the following details before getting in touch.

Patient Consultations

  •  In person consultations can be done over skype/phone. Please contact your treatment coordinator in such a case.

If you wish to start your first therapy

  • We can do all consultations over phone/skype, we can continue with our communication via emails too.  Commencement of your therapy will have to be postponed by the end of the travel ban

If you´re on a treatment plan (administering your own stimulation medication)

  • In such a case we do recommend to stop administering all your medication and stop with the ovarian stimulation. This step will not affect your medical condition. Please wait until your next period and double check commencement of your further stimulation with your treatment coordinator. Since your ovaries might have already been stimulated, we recommend only protected sexual intercourse.

If you´re expecting your donor´s eggs retrieval

  • We have frozen sperm sample
    • Your therapy can continue. We will fertilize the donors eggs with the frozen sperm sample and your embryos will be frozen. We can plan your embryo transfer as soon as circumstances will allow
  • Sperm sample was not collected
    • Your donor´s eggs will be frozen and will be fertilised as soon possible 

If your ´re on a frozen embryo transfer therapy plan

  • If you have been administering your medication for less than 10 days
    • We recommend to stop with all your medication and to postpone your therapy for when the situation calms down and the travel ban is called off.
  • If you have been administering your medication 10 days or longer
    • We recommend to stop with all your medication today. From the following day start administering vaginal suppositories Cyclogest 200mg (1-1-1)/Utrogestan 100mg (2-22) over the course of the next 7 days. Your period will start in about 3-5 days after. If your period starts earlier, you can stop applying the suppositories.

We would like to ask you for your patience as we are dealing with increased number of incoming requests. We hope that the situation with COVID19 calms down soon. 

Please check out website regularly for new information and updates.

Please get in touch with your treatment coordinator prior to commencement of any new therapy.

To book a consultation or to ask a question, feel free to
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