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We highly recommend all above based on statement regarding fertility patients in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic by The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) issued on 14 March 2020 .

„The rapid development of the virus spread is causing a very challenging situation, and the safety of the patient is our number one priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extensive restrictions on the movement of local populations in countries worldwide and recommendations to focus health care resources on essential activities only. Subsequently, patients are experiencing increased difficulty in attending scheduled visits and IVF clinics and laboratories are operating at reduced capacity.

As a precautionary measure - and in line with the position of other scientific societies in reproductive medicine - we advise that all fertility patients considering or planning treatment, even if they do not meet the diagnostic criteria for Covid-19 infection, should avoid becoming pregnant at this time. For those patients already having treatment, we suggest considering deferred pregnancy with oocyte or embryo freezing for later embryo transfer.

We further advice that patients who are pregnant or those (men and women) planning or undergoing fertility treatment should avoid travel to known areas of infection and contact with potentially infected individuals.”

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