Some 5,000 babies born in vitro, hundreds thanks to donors

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Prague, Feb 19 (CTK) - Some 5 to 6 percent or 5000 to 6000 children are born "in vitro" in the Czech Republic annually according to expert estimates and hundreds of them are born thanks to donor sperms or eggs, Pavel Ventruba told journalists yesterday.

Ventruba is head doctor of the Gynaecology-Obstetrics Clinic of Teaching Hospital in Brno and of the assisted reproduction centre. Six lawmakers are now proposing a draft amendment according to which sperm and egg donorship would no longer be anonymous, but doctors, psychologists and other experts are opposed to this. "It would not only be detrimental to the couples who are trying to have a baby, but also the whole society. This would be the end of donorship in the Czech Republic," Ventruba said.

The children could also learn who their biological parent is. The six lawmakers say these measures are to prevent children from being born to relatives. Hana Visnova, head doctor of the IVF Cube clinic, has said experts neither in the Czech Republic nor anywhere in the world have recorded higher numbers of "incest" babies due to artificial fertilisation.

"This is an utterly obscurtanist argument. The probability that siblings from artificial fertilisation will meet is about one hundred thousand times smaller than that two children by one father from one village will meet," Visnova said.

She said the new rules would only promote reproduction tourism. "We will drive people from our health care system and doom them to health tourism, they will be travelling to Romania or to India. You cannot stop the desire for a child," Visnova said.

The Brno sperm bank is the biggest in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe. About one fifth of candidate donors pass the tests. When asked, not a sole donor wished anonymity to be lifted. The government turned down the six lawmakers' proposal in early January. It will now go to the Chamber of Deputies.

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