Worried about a fertility treatment abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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We have asked our patients about their experience.

We understand your doubts regarding crossing borders in these times, and whether IVF Cube continues with treatments. We are delighted to announce that also during the Covid-19 pandemic our clinic is open and we continue with all our treatments. We have covered everything you need, to travel to our clinic and back home smoothly.

We will fully equip you to be able to cross the borders!

Crossing the national border for medical treatment is permitted without further restrictions.

We will automatically provide you with a necessary confirmation, as our patients enter the Czech Republic for a medical treatment. In case your stay exceeds 12 hours, you might also need to fill out a special form with details about your journey. The link for the form will be provided by our treatment coordinators. Specific rule changes may apply depending on your country of origin. We will always keep you in the loop based on your specific location. If needed, we can carry out various Covid-19 tests - PCR and Antigen - which you can undergo before returning back home. You can receive the Antigen test results in English or German immediately. The PCR Covid test results will be sent in English or German to your email on the same day. And for the ladies, one test is always free of charge within the therapy. Hotels are also open for medical travellers. We will provide you with a list of recommended options prior to your journey. If you come by train or airplane, just don’t forget to check the time schedules on changes! We'll take care of the rest.

For your first consultation with our doctor, we are happy to welcome you in person at our clinic. Experience the friendly atmosphere, meet your doctor and greet your coordinator. If you need any help with the consent forms or other paperwork, just let us know, and we get it solved on the spot. If you wish to perform any blood tests or sperm analysis, give us a quick note in advance and we will inform our nurses and laboratory. In case you are not able to come to Prague on the day of your consultation, note that you can attend the consultation also by Skype.

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Our patients say:

„Thanks to your help regarding travel guidance, we could easily make our decision to travel soon from Ireland to your clinic in the Czech Republic. The confirmation you sent us that we travel for medical reason was perfect. Because it was written in English, German, Czech and even Dutch, we
did not have any problems during our transfer in Amsterdam Airport and when flying on to Prague. By the way: you knowing about Amsterdam Airport’s own rules during the Covid-19 pandemic, really impressed us! As due to C-19 it is difficult to get a doctor‘s appointment in Ireland at the moment, we did all required blood tests and ultrasounds at your clinic, and received the test results quickly. Now we can start with our therapy soon, we are so excited!“ Sandra, Ireland

„Hi Sandra, we are more than happy to hear that our support and our possibilities for all testing were useful for you. We are happy to help.“ IVF Cube Team

„What a relief that we could attend our first consultation with the doctor online, because we were quite worried about how to manage travelling during the Covid pandemic. The talk to the doctor gave us back our trust to start the therapy „straight away“. We received all information we needed,
the doctor was very friendly and empathic. The whole therapy was coordinated remotely but smoothly, we needed to come to your beautiful clinic just one time in person - for the embryo transfer. Now I am pregnant and soooo happy! I will strongly recommend your clinic to my friends.“
Nadine, Germany

„Hello Nadine, what a lovely words, thank you so much. It was a pleasure to help with you. We wish you all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy.“ IVF Cube Team (note: translated from German)

„It’s great that you asked us for a negative Corona test result before embryo transfer and also that you perform all testing right on the spot. On forums we can read that many people have problems now, because none of the clinics in the Czech Republic offers testing directly at the clinic. We totally understand that you want to protect yourself and your patients this way.“ Marcella, Italy

„Dear Marcella, thanks a lot for your understanding. The health of our patients and ourselves is number 1 for us. Let’s stay safe together!“ IVF Cube Team (note: translated from Italian)


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