We consider patient satisfaction our number one priority and that is why we want to make their journey towards a baby as easy and pleasant as possible. Based on regular surveys we have reached an excellent satisfaction rate, exceeding 98%.

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Patient story testimonial by Anita and David from Ireland who have decided to undergo IVF treatment in the Czech Republic at our IVF CUBE clinic Prague.

Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex are our patients from Germany, check out their story of successful fertilization.

Patient references

Patient references

Our patients talk about IVF in our center for reproductive medicine.

WB, age 45, lives in USA

We want to share that we received extraordinary care at Prague's IVF Cube. As an American, I learned about Cube through some of the fertility blogs with which I have had a love-hate relationship over four prior cycles done locally. This time, the blogs really helped me, as I learned of Cube's outstanding success rates, high standards, and creative protocols.

Story from a CUBE graduate

To all the doubting Thomas’s out there, I tell you I was once one of you. I heard about Egg Donation a very long time ago, when I planned to donate eggs myself, but when it came time to consider a treatment, my thoughts were - it’s just a game, a con, and an expensive one at that.

G. from England

We would both like to thank you all very, very much for all the help, kindness and support from you all during our journey to get and stay pregnant. If it wasn't for your help we would not be here today. Thankfully I had no major problems during my pregnancy, apart from the dreadful swollen feet during the summer heat! My very special and miracle twins were born last week, hope you will see them. We can not thank you enough!!!

Other references



Extremely professional staff with great facilities. We were made feel very comfortable from the minute we walked in the door, which made the whole process much easier. On the two trips that we made to the Cube everything went to schedule. We felt in very capable hands with experienced staff showing professionalism at all times. Choosing to go the donor egg was a very emotional decision and we would have no hesitation in recommending the Cube to anyone who chooses this route. Thank you again to all the staff in the Cube, our little boy now has a beautiful baby brother, my partner and I have two wonderful sons and our family is now complete.




"Amazing, highly professional team who can make miracles!!!!
Thank you so much for our son!
I highly recommend CUBE services to any prospective patients!" Yulia

Hi Michaela ...


I had a baby boy last Monday and all perfect he is gorgeous and we are so so so happy!
Thank you so much for all your help in making our dream come true!
We are hoping to use some of the embryos for a second!

Kind regards

Grateful Irish recipient´s message for the donor


Dear Egg Donor,

We would like to thank you again for our wonderful family. With your help, we now have two beautiful little girls and a precious family which is a dream come true for us.

We have just celebrated their first birthday and had such a happy special day. The girls are adorable and were such good babies. The oldest girl is very beautiful, quiet, serious and observant. Her little sister is full of fun and laughter, always smiling and making everyone around her smile too!

We absolutely love being their parents and we will never forget you and how you have helped us even though we don’t even know you! I hope you feel good knowing how happy you have made us and how grateful we are to you.

Once again, THANK YOU!!!!

From your Egg Donor Recipient Family

I wanted to thank you ...


Dear Michaela


To my lovely Michaela


Isabel C.


Our Little Cube Family are all doing really really well :-) Evie is now 4yrs and little Jake is 20 months!

Evie started School this year and is just LOVING it! She is very sociable and very bright, she is our ray of joy and sunshine! Jake is our cheeky chappy! Full of Fun and Mischief!He makes us laugh every day, they both do! We are forever grateful to our lovely donor for this beautiful gift that she has given us :-)

You may remember that I wrote to you shortly after Jake's Birth, wondering if our lovely Donor would be available.We were delighted to hear that she has since started her own little family :-)

Isabel C.



Hi Michaela!! Emma here. Just wanted to update you with my pregnancy. I'm 22 weeks now unbelievably. I had a scan yesterday and all seems well. One twin is a little short but hopefully he'll catch up!
Thanks again and again for all your amazing work. I'll always be thankful to you and the doctors and my amazing donor. I've truly never been happier!




Daniela our co-ordinator was amazing, she made us feel very important and was always there to answer any query. She made the whole process seem much easier. The clinic and all the staff were very professional throughout! Lorna



We are very happy with the treatment we received at IVF Cube. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl by egg donation just over a year after initially contacting the clinic. Coordinator Daniela was our point of contact throughout. She was excellent - very quick to respond to my many emails with helpful responses and was very patient with my many questions. This was so helpful in minimising the stress of the process. We found that the clinic was very quick and flexible in arranging all appointments and treatments. We were very happy with our initial consultation. The clinic seemed clean and professional. Clinical staff were very thorough and we felt we could trust their advice. All of our questions were answered and a plan was prepared for us with the medication required for preparation. Ultimately we feel very fortunate with the first time success and birth of a healthy baby girl. We hope to return for further cycles.



From the start of our IVF journey we could not have asked for better care an attention. The team is amazing and we now have our wonderful, perfect little baby, whom we love with all of our hearts. "Thank you" is not strong enough to articulate the gratitude and appreciation we have for the CUBE team.




Hi Michaela

We have just had a beautiful, healthy baby boy and it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Cube clinic. We were trying for years in Ireland and did numerous rounds with clinics in Ireland with no luck. My egg quality seemed to be an issue and my husband had a low sperm count and motility. After a lot of research we chose Prague and Cube as we had belief that their technology and staff expertise was superior to Ireland. We did the start of the cycle in Ireland and flew over for the egg collection and stayed to transfer. On the day of collection we were disappointed with only 2 eggs collected and lost belief we would succeed. One embryo survived to day 2 and then we did a day 3 transfer. I did acupuncture in the clinic before and after the procedures which they offer.

The transfer was very calm, very comfortable and we were left to relax immediately after it. Given we only had one I didn't believe we could be so lucky, but we were! 6 weeks ago I gave birth to our beautiful son, nearly 4 years after starting our IVF journey and it is worth every single minute of pain and every penny spent. We will be returning again in a few months to try for a little sister or brother and genuinely believe that there's no where else that would have got that result for us.

Dr Hana was our lead Doctor and I can highly recommend her. The staff always replied promptly to emails and calls and always gave due diligence to my questions and I always felt supported and that they knew what they were doing.

The logistics was easy enough. We rented an apartment in the town and we enjoyed spending time in the city for the few days. Thank you to all at Cube for making our dreams come true.


I found out I am pregnant


I found out I am pregnant with our first child the day before my 45th day in April 2017. We first attended IVF Cube in December 2016 when we had a fresh embryo transfer from donor eggs. Much to our delight, our second attempt with a frozen embryo transfer at the end of March 2017 was successful.

Both my husband I are extremely happy with the level of care we received at the clinic throughout the whole process—from looking for a suitable donor to having the transfers done. The doctors at the Cube were highly skilled, professional, and kind. My first cycle was carried out just before Christmas, so the two-week-wait fell during Christmas holidays, when everything was closed. It was an anxious time when I had many questions, and no health professionals I could turn to at home, as everyone was away on holiday. The IVF Cube had an emergency number that I could call, and they were at hand to help even on Christmas morning, when I needed their advice. It was extremely reassuring.

The clinic itself is modern and hygienic with friendly staff who efficiently dealt with all my requests from providing prescriptions to pre- and post-transfer acupuncture. Both times we visited the clinic we felt well looked after, and in capable hands.

What I appreciated most was being assigned a personal co-ordinator when we first registered with the clinic. She promptly answered every question I asked, however big or small, and was always there when I needed to talk. Being able to chat to her and ask her about my worries made the whole experience so much more pleasant and a whole lot less nerve-racking than it could have been. I cannot thank her enough.




Hey Michaela,

Well I had my 12 week scan and all went great. We also did the blood tests to make sure that the babies had no illnesses like down syndrome, etc, and results came back perfect, so my news is finally out!

Everyone is so happy for us, and we're so relieved and forever grateful to you in Cube. Thanks to you guys, our dreams are finally coming true (please god). I prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague all the time now. He's my new pal ha!
I'll send you a picture of one of the scans, cos it is so adorable.
Thanks so so much again, and I will stay in touch with any updates.
Likewise, stay in touch if you've any big news for me ;-).
You've been amazing and I can never thank you enough!!!!!
Please thank Dr Hana for us too. She has given Tom's family two sets of Smith Twins!!!
Chat soon,

Thanks a mil, Suzy :-) xxx

We would like to say that we are very happy customers


In fact we regret that we did not use you earlier. Your company is very professional. The reception area is serving music fitting to age of your target group. The coffee in the machine is free. You as coordinator are very helpful and responding very fast. Doctors are very confident and the results prove that they were right. The small mistakes happens even to the bests. It only proves that you are humans not machines.

I honestly cannot believe that we will be parents to 3 children ...




The treatment we required was not available in our own country. The clinic we used at home works alongside Cube and so it was recommended to us. What surprised me was a great information, feedback & help from staff.



Everything was SOO clean and white and immaculate! It has an excellent reputation.



I liked how professional and friendly the staff in the Cube was. I had a fantastic co-ordinator in Repromed Ireland. She was a huge help and was always at the end of the phone. Language barrier was something I was worried about but it turned out perfect.



The treatment was very professional. I was impressed that I was offered acupuncture. It relaxed me before and afterwards.



I had heard great things about CUBE and in particular of their treatment for older women. I knew we had to go with a donor egg treatment. I chose the clinic because of good reviews online and guidance from satellite clinic. What surprised me was the empathy from all staff. The easiness of dealing with staff.



I chose your clinic because of a good reputation. I was surprised how wonderful your clinic was.



The staff were so friendly and professional. The contact is excellent, everything is looked after. The success rates are true - I am 8 months pregnant with the first attempt!



Everyone was nice and friendly, down to the receptionist. It’s a different country for us and IVF is so stressful, anyway both myself and my husband felt at ease throughout the treatment. It was my first time going for IVF so everything was different. We had to have a second round of treatment, which was successful and we were nervous about that. It did work and we now have the most beautiful 19 month old girl.



I chose your clinic because I was advised that this was the best option, and it was anonymous, which was what we wanted. You were so well looked after you your own doctor/Clinic at home and also by the staff in Cube IVF, we had use my husband’s sperm and the whole process for transport to Cube IVF was so easy (this is organized by your home clinic). When we first arrived at Cube IVF everyone was so nice and helpful as well as being so professional, everything was explained to me and my husband from beginning to end and we did worry about the language barrier, but there was absolutely no problem at all. After egg collection from the donor and fertilization we had three embryos and on my first visit I had two implanted, which unfortunately failed. But we returned within a couple of months for our last embryo and we have our beautiful little girl now, we will be forever thankful for our treatment in Cube IVF we waited ten years and four failed IVF treatment at home for our little miracle baby. Good luck ladies never given up ??



Your clinic was recomended to me by my friend that had successfull treatment here. Donor egg treatment was not really available in Ireland at the time. So we chose Cube based on a recommendation and because of the success rates.



What surprise me was the efficiency of how all worked out and the continuous support by always quickly answering e-mails or calls.



How easy it was to get advice / information during treatment



The process was easy and quick from beginning to transfer and communication with the clinic was no problem



I chose a clinic because of the success rate and good reputation. I'm very satisfied with the cooperation with the clinic. Staff were very informative and helpful.



Very high standard of care; doctors were very accessible for clarifications/questions; doctors were willing to give clear opinions on the best recommended treatment; excellent communication at all stages.



I was surprised how easy and straight forward everything was. The clear communication with which CUBE could liaise with patients in a different country is amazing. CUBE offers great care and expertise.



I was absolutely amazed by how efficient you were and how quick you were to reply to any of our questions.



CUBE was recommended by a friend and after doing a lot of research we decided it was the best option for us, an affordable option with an excellent reputation. After the initial tests to see if we were suitable it all went very smoothly and efficiently and the transfer itself was very quick and very simple, the staff were very efficient and personable and the clinic was immaculate.



Cube was recommended to me by Irish consultant Dr Kent Ayers. I was surprised how easy it all was given we had to travel abroad.



My consultant in my Irish clinic, SIMS, actually said CUBE was an excellent clinic.



I chose based on recommendation from a friend. I was very happy with your services. Well, the biggest surprise was the big positive pregnancy test afterwards. I had waited 12 years to see this. The embryo transfer was such an emotional experience this time, no discomfort whatsoever.



I was surprised how professional you were compared to Irish clinics . We felt that the cubes success rate was far higher than Irish clinics and the personal and professional service was second to none. Also you didn't use low quality embryos.... which keep your success rates very high compared to what we were dealing with in Dublin.



Excellent communication from the 1st day we spoke over the phone. Very good information on all aspects of IVF care provided there. Much faster access and better price than any Spanish clinic we had been in touch with. Surprised and so happy about the efficiency and excellence of this complex healthcare sector.

Our babies - triplet


A very BIG thank you to your entire team and everyone involved in our care. We hope the triplet would be able to visit your team in the future. Once again, THANK YOU!!! T.

Our babies - two boys


We are delighted with our two boys. I just wanted to thank you and all the team at cube and in particular to acknowledge how incredibly grateful we are for the egg donor. She will be forever in my prayers and thoughts. You were fantastic to deal with and super efficient and kind. Words cannot express how much it means to deal with someone like you after a long and tough journey. Take care

Our babies - Sarrah


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all and to your colleagues in both Repromed and Cube, Prague for making this miracle happen for us, we are forever grateful to you as well as to our donor. Best regards, Sarrah

Our babies - M.


With over 10 years of many treatments at other IVF clinics we were absolutely delighted to welcome our baby girl into the world in February 2015. We found the Cube clinic to be extremely professional and accommodating. They were compassionate given our complicated history and always gave us hope. We will always be indebited to them for helping us to achieve our dream of having a family. Thank you, M.

Our babies - A.


In December of last year, we came to your clinic for the first time to receive IVF treatment. We now have the most beautiful 15 week old son, who has completely changed our lives for the better. We are still so overwhelmed and grateful for everything that has happened. We want once again to say a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Hana and all the wonderful team at Cube. This process was efficient from the very start with a most professional approach throughout the experience. We do not have enough words to express how happy we are. We hope to visit Prague again some day soon and will call in to introduce you to our most precious little miracle! Many thanks to you all and a very happy Christmas to each of you. Warmest wishes, A.



The Merrion Fertility Clinic in Dublin recommended a few clinics. We chose IVF Cube because we really like Prague and feel very relaxed there. The clinc is very easy to get too by public transport. I was surprised how easy it was to communicate with IVFCube and our co-ordinator was / is brilliant and really kind.



It was such an easy process. Lovely clinic. Naturally I have had a good outcome but I did not feel as stressed using the clinic as I did when using clinics in Ireland.



I chose this clinic because my home countries clinic recommended it. I was surprised how easy and pleasant the experience was.



The clinic was recommended on forums and was price competitive. I was worried going to another country I might not feel comfortable and wouldn't be able to ask any questions I had, but the care I have received has been wonderful.

Dear Cube Team,


In December last year, we came to your clinic for the first time to receive IVF treatment. We now have the most beautiful 15 week old son, who has completely changed our lives for the better. We are still so overwhelmed and grateful for everything that has happened. We have been thinking about you all this week especially and want once again to say a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Hana and all the wonderful team at Cube. We do not have enough words to express how happy we are. We hope to visit Prague again some day soon and will call in to introduce you to our most precious little miracle! Many thanks to you all and a very happy Christmas to each of you. Warmest wishes, A.

Dear Dr Hana,


I have the pleasure of being able to say Thanks to you and your team for getting me pregnant for a second time. Our Cube twins were born last Tuesday October 27th by elective c section. They are boy/girls twins and are perfectly healthy. Our boy Emil was born first weighing 6lb 9oz (3kg) and our girl Felice weighed 5lb 8oz (2.5kg). Thank you so much for our beautiful family. A few years ago we struggled to see how we would get one baby after 3 failed cycles and now we have 3 perfect children thanks to IVF Cube. You are an amazing team and myself and my husband thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. From Nina and Michal C.



We were very aware of how slim the chances were for us so we were surprised, lucky and blessed to have such a positive outcome.

Hi Dr Hana,


I just want to let you know I delivered a healthy and beautiful baby boy (weighing 7lb 2oz) on the 2nd August 2015....Words will never describe what you have done for David and I. We are so happy to have continued our long and heartbreaking IVF journey with Cube. It was all worth it! Thank you so much, Dr Hana, Renata and all your team at Cube for all you have done for our little family. We plan on seeing you again very soon. David, Anita and Baby David



I can not appreciate enough the empathy from all staff and the easiness of dealing with your staff.



I chose a clinic because it has a very good reputation and success rate. I was surprised how effortless the protocol was and how good the service IVF Cube provided. The coordinators were so efficient and helpful.

Oh my Goodness Dr Hana


- IT'S POSITIVE!!!!!!!! Oh I just can't BELIEVE it!! You and your team are miracle workers!! And our lovely donor, we are thinking of her too and sending her grateful and Happy thoughts. I am literally flying on a cloud here!! We were waiting 20 years for our daughter before we found the Cube and had our Gorgeous little girl! And now with another little one on the way our family is complete and very Happy. I will come down to earth at some stage teehee!! I am well and healthy and all is looking good. We would never have gotten our dreams without you, Dr Hana and The Cube Team. Thank you thank you Dr Hana. Yours, E.R.



I'd heard great things about CUBE and my local clinic had liaised with you on previous clients. It ended up being so easy and I ended up actually having 2 successful pregnancies.

Dear Cube Team,


Firstly thank you so much for all of your care, kindness and professionalism when myself and my husband came to Cube recently - you and your team could not have been more welcoming or more lovely to us - and I will never forget that. Danielle S.



We were surprised with how professional and efficient the clinic was. There was no language barrier. It was easy to get to the clinic from the city.



Just to let you know that our beautiful son was born in December. He is healthy and well and is 5 weeks old today. We also wanted to say a huge thank you to Hannah and all the staff at the Cube for making our dreams come true. We appreciate all the help and support you have given us over the last few years and wish you continued success. Regards, Michelle

To everyone at Cube,


We wanted to tell you that our boy/girl twins were delivered by C section on 15th December! My husband and I have so much to be grateful for. The twins are happy, healthy and thriving and a source of great joy to us both. Before taking the decision to go for a donor egg approach with Cube, we felt we had tried everything and thought that our options had run out. It wasn't an easy decision but we are so glad now! We wanted to thank you and all of the medical and support /administrative staff at Cube for the small miracle that happened for us and resulted in our two beautiful children. Thank you to the entire team for your expertise, professionalism and support throughout. Please pass this email on to everyone involved at Cube. We couldn't be happier and feel very, very blessed. All the best for the future. Lucy R.



My other half and I needed a little help to build our family. While at a conception meeting in our city, we heard very positive comments from a couple who had been successful at conceiving with an egg donation thanks to CUBE ivf. The personalised, serious, understanding and gentle way we were dealt with in our correspondence, the guarantees offered convinced us this was the right clinic for us. We were successful at our first ivf and had a beautiful and healthy son born end of 2014 in a natural birth. I used drug free methods and the power of mind for preparation and as pain relief, enhancing the experience of birth and bounding. The whole experience was amazing. Now in our home, you can hear baby cooing noises and giggles, our happiness is complete and joy palpable. We have some blastocysts in cryopreservation and we will probably come back later. The only regret we have is not having done it earlier. Thank you IVF Cube for your professionalism. We are forever grateful to our little star who helped us conceiving. She will be in our thoughts always. I hope the whole team is proud for this success story! We are very happy.

Dear Dr Hana,


We do not have enough words to express our joy, anxiousness and nervousness all together. Well the beta-HCG report from day before show 900 value which means I am positively and definitely pregnant. :) P. and me, we both feel highly elated by support and concern of you and your whole staff and wish to thank you and your team for endless cooperation and concern they had for us. I would like to confess that I have gone through many fertility treatments earlier but this one was undoubtedly the simplest and easiest one as compared to all others. Dr. Hana, your excellence in therapy, sincere counseling, conviction and procedural command was something we both really appreciate. Knowing our complicated history you know that we are still fearful and always hoping and praying that it goes smooth to be a successful one. We wanted to thank you at our first achievement and we would keep informing you of each milestone we cross in this pregnancy. Thankyou! Regards, T. and P. M.,Germany

Yo Dr. Hana and all the team at IVF Cube,


Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2014. A. is almost 10 months now and doing great. She is a very good and pleasant baby and has 2 teeth now! She has brought so much joy to us and our families and we are all looking forward to her first Christmas. We have started saving to try and get her a little brother or sister so please keep up the good work there :-) We hope you all have a lovely Christmas from Susan, Charly & A.

Dear Hana,


Thank you for finding a way to make our dreams come true. L.& M.

Dear IVF Team at CUBE,


thanks so much for your treatment (it worked!!!) and support &service. I am forever greatful. I enjoyed a great, complication free pregnancy and J. arrived on his due date! Greeting H.

Egg Donation