We consider patient satisfaction our number one priority and that is why we want to make their journey towards a baby as easy and pleasant as possible. Based on regular surveys we have reached an excellent satisfaction rate, exceeding 98%.

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Patient story testimonial by Anita and David from Ireland who have decided to undergo IVF treatment in the Czech Republic at our IVF CUBE clinic Prague.

Anica and Alex Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex are our patients from Germany, check out their story of successful fertilization.

Patient references Patient references

Patient references

Our patients talk about IVF in our center for reproductive medicine.

Our own beautiful miracle

To us, our son really is one-in-a-million, our own beautiful miracle. For how else to describe him being born against such great odds? Time and age were against us, and tests had revealed that my husband and I were unlikely to conceive naturally. Yet the most amazing thing happened – and we still feel a sense of disbelief to this day.

AC, age 45, lives in USA

We want to share that we received extraordinary care at Prague's IVF Cube. As an American, I learned about Cube through some of the fertility blogs with which I have had a love-hate relationship over four prior cycles done locally. This time, the blogs really helped me, as I learned of Cube's outstanding success rates, high standards, and creative protocols.

Story from a CUBE graduate

To all the doubting Thomas’s out there, I tell you I was once one of you. I heard about Egg Donation a very long time ago, when I planned to donate eggs myself, but when it came time to consider a treatment, my thoughts were - it’s just a game, a con, and an expensive one at that.


I found out I am pregnant with our first child the day before my 45th day in April 2017. We first attended IVF Cube in December 2016 when we had a fresh embryo transfer from donor eggs. Much to our delight, our second attempt with a frozen embryo transfer at the end of March 2017 was successful.

Other references



Excellent communication from the 1st day we spoke over the phone. Very good information on all aspects of IVF care provided there. Much faster access and better price than any Spanish clinic we had been in touch with. Surprised and so happy about the efficiency and excellence of this complex healthcare sector.

Our babies - triplet


A very BIG thank you to your entire team and everyone involved in our care. We hope the triplet would be able to visit your team in the future. Once again, THANK YOU!!! T.

Our babies - two boys


We are delighted with our two boys. I just wanted to thank you and all the team at cube and in particular to acknowledge how incredibly grateful we are for the egg donor. She will be forever in my prayers and thoughts. You were fantastic to deal with and super efficient and kind. Words cannot express how much it means to deal with someone like you after a long and tough journey. Take care

Our babies - Sarrah


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all and to your colleagues in both Repromed and Cube, Prague for making this miracle happen for us, we are forever grateful to you as well as to our donor. Best regards, Sarrah

Our babies - M.


With over 10 years of many treatments at other IVF clinics we were absolutely delighted to welcome our baby girl into the world in February 2015. We found the Cube clinic to be extremely professional and accommodating. They were compassionate given our complicated history and always gave us hope. We will always be indebited to them for helping us to achieve our dream of having a family. Thank you, M.

Our babies - A.


In December of last year, we came to your clinic for the first time to receive IVF treatment. We now have the most beautiful 15 week old son, who has completely changed our lives for the better. We are still so overwhelmed and grateful for everything that has happened. We want once again to say a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Hana and all the wonderful team at Cube. This process was efficient from the very start with a most professional approach throughout the experience. We do not have enough words to express how happy we are. We hope to visit Prague again some day soon and will call in to introduce you to our most precious little miracle! Many thanks to you all and a very happy Christmas to each of you. Warmest wishes, A.



The Merrion Fertility Clinic in Dublin recommended a few clinics. We chose IVF Cube because we really like Prague and feel very relaxed there. The clinc is very easy to get too by public transport. I was surprised how easy it was to communicate with IVFCube and our co-ordinator was / is brilliant and really kind.



It was such an easy process. Lovely clinic. Naturally I have had a good outcome but I did not feel as stressed using the clinic as I did when using clinics in Ireland.



I chose this clinic because my home countries clinic recommended it. I was surprised how easy and pleasant the experience was.



The clinic was recommended on forums and was price competitive. I was worried going to another country I might not feel comfortable and wouldn't be able to ask any questions I had, but the care I have received has been wonderful.

Egg Donation