AC, age 45, lives in USA

We want to share that we received extraordinary care at Prague's IVF Cube. As an American, I learned about Cube through some of the fertility blogs with which I have had a love-hate relationship over four prior cycles done locally. This time, the blogs really helped me, as I learned of Cube's outstanding success rates, high standards, and creative protocols.

I researched a number of Czech clinics, following my inspiration from the blogs, and found Cube to be the best for us. Costs are very favorable compared to those associated with treatment in the US, and the range of treatments is vast.

My husband and I were able to do all the initial work from home, by email and phone. A phone consultation with a doctor early on was very useful and resulted in a protocol quite different from what I had tried in the US. The protocol was adjusted along the way based on my response, as evident through local monitoring done at my home clinic.

While obtaining medications in the States meant having the prescriptions re-written by my local doctor, everything else was handled by Cube's staff, all of whom communicate beautifully in English and are very thoughtful in their approach.

Our Coordinator Michaela instilled great confidence in us. Despite a six-hour time difference, sending a question via email in the morning always resulted in a same-day response, and I got to know Michaela as a friend and as someone who really cares. I did not feel alone during any part of the treatment, as Michaela was just an email transmission away.

When we arrived for our transfer, we were fortunate to have Dr. Hana whose skill is renowned and whose gentle nature was evident to us right away. Having been helped along the way by other doctors at Cube, I am confident that they are all very talented. However, Dr. Hana founded Cube, and her dedication to patients was evident in the way she and her colleagues have set up the clinic with state-of-the-art air changers in the operating theater, with technology such as the Embryoscope, and more.

From early contact to our time in Prague to after-care now that we are back home, we could not be more impressed... or more successful.

Our thanks goes to Cube.

AC, United States

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