We consider patient satisfaction our number one priority and that is why we want to make their journey towards a baby as easy and pleasant as possible. Based on regular surveys we have reached an excellent satisfaction rate, exceeding 98%.

Freia and Bernard Freia and Bernard

Freia and Bernard

Freia and Bernard underwent therapy with donated eggs at our clinic, and today they are parents of a beautiful new-born daughter.

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Patient story testimonial by Anita and David from Ireland who have decided to undergo IVF treatment in the Czech Republic at our IVF CUBE clinic Prague.

Anica and Alex Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex are our patients from Germany, check out their story of successful fertilization.

Patient references Patient references

Patient references

Our patients talk about IVF in our center for reproductive medicine.

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Thanks Marketa


Thank you to our donor


Dear Magda,


Charlotte and I have absolutely enjoyed working with you. Seriously, thanks for your help. We've been very grateful for all the help you've provided.

Dear Daniela,


We just wanted to let you all know our beautiful little twins were born in June at 37 weeks gestation. We had a beautiful girl and a handsome son. Everything was perfect, I had a natural delivery and both were perfectly healthy from birth. We just wanted to say a massive thank you again to yourself, Michaela and all the team who treated us, we would not have managed to have these 2 precious miracles without the clinics help.

Much love to you all

Jannine & Ned xx

Dear CUBE,


Our ultrasound was today. We are overjoyed to tell you that we were able to see two small heart beats!! They measured at six weeks and six days. Please let me know if any other information is needed. I am so grateful for everything you did for us, everything Dr.Hana did for us and the rest of the amazing team at the Cube.

We are so grateful for this miracle! Josh and Hanna

Hi Michaela,


Well.... we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world on Sunday the 22nd of April. She's absolutely gorgeous, just perfect... We're besotted and so in love. We can't thank you all and our donor enough for helping to make this miracle happen. Lots of love,

Very proud parents, Susann and Brian xx

Dear Marketa,


I received the results from my pregnancy test today and I am more than happy to say that it was positive!! I am so grateful to you and to Dr. Hana and the entire team that made this dream a reality. My husband and I had given up and never expected this blessing, thank you so much for all of your help, the answers to so many questions and for a wonderful experience in Prague. We will always be grateful for what you have done for us.

Sincerely, Kelly and Joseph



My husband and I have always found the staff of Cube very professional and efficient and friendly. We had complete trust in them. I have recommended Cube to some people in a similar position.

Deb and John

Dear Lucie, Michaela, Michaela


and all the other doctors and personnel who have been so kind and supportive to us over the past few years at IVF-Cube, I am writing to let you know that I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Tuesday morning, 11.29 a.m. Delivery was (at 38 weeks gestation) by C-section in Dublin by Professor Fergal Malone and his wonderful team. Baby weighed 3.14 Kilos at birth. The final few weeks of pregnancy were difficult for me as there was an enormous amount of excess fluid around the baby.However, she is a beautiful little sister for Beatrix who will be three years of age in June this year! We have named the baby Jeannine.

WE are SO VERY GRATEFUL to all of the team at IVF Cube and most of all to our egg donor who has made these miracles possible for us. We hope her life is going well for her because she deserves only goodness in her life. We applaud your wonderful work and we have spoken and always will speak in positive glowing terms of IVF Cube in Prague. We have wonderful memories of very happy days spent in beautiful Prague and will inevitably return there many times in the future.

Yours Very Sincerely and Gratefully, Tony and Rachel

Hi Andrea,


Thank you so much for the discontinuation table. We were thrilled with the heart beat ultrasound, it makes it all very real! Once again, thank you to you and all the staff in Cube. We got so much help there when we had no where else to turn on our long IVF journey.

Best wishes to you all.

Rossie and Tony

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