We consider patient satisfaction our number one priority and that is why we want to make their journey towards a baby as easy and pleasant as possible. Based on regular surveys we have reached an excellent satisfaction rate, exceeding 98%.

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Anita & David Sheedy from Ireland

Patient story testimonial by Anita and David from Ireland who have decided to undergo IVF treatment in the Czech Republic at our IVF CUBE clinic Prague.

Anica and Alex Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex

Anica and Alex are our patients from Germany, check out their story of successful fertilization.

Patient references Patient references

Patient references

Our patients talk about IVF in our center for reproductive medicine.

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Grateful Irish recipient´s message for the donor


Dear Egg Donor,

We would like to thank you again for our wonderful family. With your help, we now have two beautiful little girls and a precious family which is a dream come true for us.

We have just celebrated their first birthday and had such a happy special day. The girls are adorable and were such good babies. The oldest girl is very beautiful, quiet, serious and observant. Her little sister is full of fun and laughter, always smiling and making everyone around her smile too!

We absolutely love being their parents and we will never forget you and how you have helped us even though we don’t even know you! I hope you feel good knowing how happy you have made us and how grateful we are to you.

Once again, THANK YOU!!!!

From your Egg Donor Recipient Family

I wanted to thank you ...


Dear Michaela


To my lovely Michaela


Isabel C.


Our Little Cube Family are all doing really really well :-) Evie is now 4yrs and little Jake is 20 months!

Evie started School this year and is just LOVING it! She is very sociable and very bright, she is our ray of joy and sunshine! Jake is our cheeky chappy! Full of Fun and Mischief!He makes us laugh every day, they both do! We are forever grateful to our lovely donor for this beautiful gift that she has given us :-)

You may remember that I wrote to you shortly after Jake's Birth, wondering if our lovely Donor would be available.We were delighted to hear that she has since started her own little family :-)

Isabel C.



Hi Michaela!! Emma here. Just wanted to update you with my pregnancy. I'm 22 weeks now unbelievably. I had a scan yesterday and all seems well. One twin is a little short but hopefully he'll catch up!
Thanks again and again for all your amazing work. I'll always be thankful to you and the doctors and my amazing donor. I've truly never been happier!




Daniela our co-ordinator was amazing, she made us feel very important and was always there to answer any query. She made the whole process seem much easier. The clinic and all the staff were very professional throughout! Lorna



We are very happy with the treatment we received at IVF Cube. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl by egg donation just over a year after initially contacting the clinic. Coordinator Daniela was our point of contact throughout. She was excellent - very quick to respond to my many emails with helpful responses and was very patient with my many questions. This was so helpful in minimising the stress of the process. We found that the clinic was very quick and flexible in arranging all appointments and treatments. We were very happy with our initial consultation. The clinic seemed clean and professional. Clinical staff were very thorough and we felt we could trust their advice. All of our questions were answered and a plan was prepared for us with the medication required for preparation. Ultimately we feel very fortunate with the first time success and birth of a healthy baby girl. We hope to return for further cycles.



From the start of our IVF journey we could not have asked for better care an attention. The team is amazing and we now have our wonderful, perfect little baby, whom we love with all of our hearts. "Thank you" is not strong enough to articulate the gratitude and appreciation we have for the CUBE team.




Hi Michaela

We have just had a beautiful, healthy baby boy and it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Cube clinic. We were trying for years in Ireland and did numerous rounds with clinics in Ireland with no luck. My egg quality seemed to be an issue and my husband had a low sperm count and motility. After a lot of research we chose Prague and Cube as we had belief that their technology and staff expertise was superior to Ireland. We did the start of the cycle in Ireland and flew over for the egg collection and stayed to transfer. On the day of collection we were disappointed with only 2 eggs collected and lost belief we would succeed. One embryo survived to day 2 and then we did a day 3 transfer. I did acupuncture in the clinic before and after the procedures which they offer.

The transfer was very calm, very comfortable and we were left to relax immediately after it. Given we only had one I didn't believe we could be so lucky, but we were! 6 weeks ago I gave birth to our beautiful son, nearly 4 years after starting our IVF journey and it is worth every single minute of pain and every penny spent. We will be returning again in a few months to try for a little sister or brother and genuinely believe that there's no where else that would have got that result for us.

Dr Hana was our lead Doctor and I can highly recommend her. The staff always replied promptly to emails and calls and always gave due diligence to my questions and I always felt supported and that they knew what they were doing.

The logistics was easy enough. We rented an apartment in the town and we enjoyed spending time in the city for the few days. Thank you to all at Cube for making our dreams come true.


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