IVF-ICSI with own eggs

Infertility can be treated in many ways. We offer a wide range of possible treatments, ranging from the most basic, to highly specialised medical techniques. However, our philosophy is that the patients should be treated only with methods that are really necessary and beneficial.

The method of in-vitro fertilisation, where the sperm is left alone to spontaneously merge with an egg, has been enhanced by additional methods to reach higher success rates. That is the reason why it is standard for IVF CUBE to use the ICSI method, Assisted Hatching (AH), prolonged cultivation and vitrification of the remaining embryos. Thanks to these additional methods we are able to reach over 84% success rate.

with own eggs

  • The complete therapy including ICSI *
  • Blastocyst culture (5 days) *
  • Assisted Hatching (by laser) *
  • Single vitrification *
  • 1 year of storage *
  • MFSS - Microfluid sperm sorting *

€ 3,300


This method includes the hormonal stimulation of the ovaries according to the established protocol, followed by the egg collection. The eggs are fertilised outside of the patient’s body - in vitro. The fertilized eggs are cultivated in a special laboratory environment, where we ensure the embryos develop optimally. The chosen embryo is then implanted into the patient’s uterus. The length of the entire process, starting with the initial consultation up until the embryo transfer, differs with regards to the patient’s menstrual cycle. An indication of the estimated time may be somewhere between 1 to 2.5 months.
Transparent treatment price
All the methods included in the package such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection - ICSI, assisted hatching - AH, Blastocyst culture - BC, freezing and first year preservation will be performed on all eggs/embryos retrieved at no extra cost. The package price of the treatment at IVF CUBE is guaranteed and final even if a high number of eggs/embryos are retrieved.

The package price includes

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection – ICSI

With the ICSI method the sperm is put into the egg cytoplasm. The ICSI method is performed with the help of a microscope equipped with multiple enlargement glass, together with the use of a micro syringe. The ICSI method is used at IVF CUBE as standard procedure because it dramatically increases the success rate. 

Blastocyst culture - BC

A 5 day embryo cultivation process, from the egg fertilization until the embryo transfer at the blastocyst stage. Embryos can be transferred earlier, for example on day 3, however the blastocyst culture gives us a higher chance of the embryo attaching to the endometrium. It also allows a longer window to choose the best morphologically appropriate embryo for transfer. If applicable, IVF CUBE uses the blastocyst culture method for all treatments.

Assisted Hatching – AH

A micromanipulation method in which the protein cover (pellucid zone) of the egg is opened by laser. The hatching process is then facilitated by the opening of the cover in the inner cellular part so that the embryo can easily get through the pellucid zone. Assisted hatching is performed on all the available embryos on day 4, when embryos reach the compact stage.

Single vitrification

A method of rapid freezing (of embryos, eggs or sperm) that is gentler on human cells, because it prevents the formation of crystals. Single vitrification, which is a standard part of all IVF cycles in IVF CUBE, means freezing eggs and embryos one piece at a time, which significantly increases the success rate of their use in a later IVF cycle (unfreezing).

1 year of storage

Therapy at IVF CUBE always includes one-year storage of all eggs/embryos retrieved, regardless of their total number.

MFSS - Microfluid sperm sorting

Sperm cells are placed on a disposable chip where they are allowed to actively migrate through the passage of various micro-barriers and a membrane into the outlet chambers. During this proces, viable healthy sperm cells are separated and collected into the outlet chambers similarly as they would do naturally when reaching an egg cell in a female reproductive system.

The method is based on natural sperm selection. Selected sperm cells have better motility, genetic quality and morphology. This method increases the treatment success  by up to 20-25%.


Additional Methods

IVF-ICSI in soft protocol

In this therapy plan, the patient is on minimal hormonal stimulation. Patients take the medication orally, and minimal stimulation injections may be added throughout the treatment process. The egg maturation is then enhanced by the one time application of a injection 36 hours before the egg collection.

Intrauterine insemination – IUI

This treatment is performed during regular ovulation. The partner’s sperm is, after previous preparation in the andrological laboratory, inserted into the female uterus with the help of a narrow catheter. The IUI method is the least invasive, usually completely pain free with minimal risks.

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