Siccome la soddisfazione di nostri pazienti è la nostra priorità, cerchiamo sempre di facilitare il vostro percorso verso la meta desiderata. In base alle ricerche regolari, abbiamo giunto dei ottimi risultati che superano i 98% di pazienti soddisfatti.

Anita Sheedy Anita Sheedy

Anita Sheedy

esperienze con IVF all’estero IVF CUBE.

Anita e David Anita e David

Anita e David

esperienze con IVF all’estero IVF CUBE.

Anica e Alex Anica e Alex

Anica e Alex

le loro esperienze con la fertilizzazione in vitro - IVF CUBE

Altri pazienti

Dear Hana,


Thank you for finding a way to make our dreams come true. L.& M.

G. from England


We would both like to thank you all very, very much for all the help, kindness and support from you all during our journey to get and stay pregnant. If it wasn't for your help we would not be here today. Thankfully I had no major problems during my pregnancy, apart from the dreadful swollen feet during the summer heat! My very special and miracle twins were born last week, hope you will see them. We can not thank you enough!!! Life could not get better for us, it really is amazing, we can't stop admiring them and kissing them, our babies are absolutely magnificent. We both really appreciate how lucky and blessed we are to have two incredible angels. Thank you all for absolutely everything. Our beautiful babies arrived in to this wonderful world in 10/2013 After 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had an emergency C-section. A gorgeous little girl arrived first, then a beautiful little boy arrived. We are absolutely and totally in love with our amazing babies, so happy and content. They are really calm and fabulous babies. Thank you so much again, from the bottom of our hearts.

Yo Dr. Hana and all the team at IVF Cube,


Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2014. A. is almost 10 months now and doing great. She is a very good and pleasant baby and has 2 teeth now! She has brought so much joy to us and our families and we are all looking forward to her first Christmas. We have started saving to try and get her a little brother or sister so please keep up the good work there :-) We hope you all have a lovely Christmas from Susan, Charly & A.

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