Mgr. Petra Hujerová

Treatment Coordinator

I like to help others and it makes me happy if the work makes sense to me and gives satisfaction to others. Although this profession does not always mean  immediate success, I wish all our patients to be satisfied with the  approach and treatment at our clinic and to become happy parents as soon as possible. As a mother of two healthy kids, I can imagine how much motivated our patients can be. I like the individual and empathetic approach towards our patients at the clinic and at the same time the professionalism and commitment of the whole team.
I take care of English-speaking patient and I would gladly accept patients from France (I worked in a French-speaking environment for many years) too.
I am an active person - I like any outdoor activity and I spend all my free time with my family. I like reading historical novels and detective stories from „good old England“ period, I am interested in culture, history, I like travelling and discovering new regions and cultures.
My motto is "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

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