Cooperating Partners


Established in 2009, ReproMed works with carefully selected allopathic health professionals, complementary therapists and licensed clinics in Ireland and across the globe in the diagnosis and treatment of male and female sub-fertility.

The ReproMed Approach:

In recognising that each individual and couple is unique, ReproMed carefully assesses your case history to date and takes the time to explain all the fertility help options available to you, answering any questions you may have about all aspects of natural and assisted conception.

Through ReproMed, you gain access to high quality fertility diagnostics services, with a no-waiting-list policy, where crucial results and information are immediately dispatched to you and your named doctors and therapists.

Unbiased and unaffiliated to any one fertility clinic in Ireland, ReproMed coordinates fertility treatment protocols, guiding couples through this complex scientific process. This tried and tested approach reduces the stresses of making choices that are costly and emotionally charged and improves assisted conception results.

Services in the spotlight:

ReproMed provides patients with access to a wide range of fertility investigations and treatment options, with a particular focus on; follicle tracking, donor sperm IUI, and donor egg IVF abroad.

Today, ReproMed achieves per cycle pregnancy rates of 18.7% with IUI (twin pregnancy rate of <1%), 43% with IVF abroad, and 68% with IVF using donor eggs.


All enquiries: +353 (0) 1 685 67 55

Clinic location:
Suite 36
Beacon Hall
Beacon Court
Dublin 18

ReproMed also operates Satellite Clinics in these locations:


Southeast Fertility 
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