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The IVF therapy in the Czech Republic

The IVF clinics in the Czech Republic are following a set of specific rules, which guarantee that patients would always get high-quality health service and care. Find out more about these rules down below.

How are the fertility market and clinics accreditation in the Czech Republic regulated?

Fertility treatment in the Czech Republic is regulated by 2 specific laws. The first of them is the law regulating specific health services and the second one is the Tissues and Cells Directive. Any Fertility clinic in the Czech Republic must undergo certification from the Ministry of Health and the top clinics also run accreditation according to ISO 15189. We are subject to regular inspections from the State Institution of Drug Control and the supervising body is visiting any clinic in 2 years intervals and in case of any unexpected events or medical complications they can visit the clinic or call immediately. We have obligation to report any IVF treatment including insemination, including donor programmes to the National Registry of Assisted Reproduction. We need to report on a yearly basis also the outcomes of any treatment including pregnancy outcome, complications or any fetal abnormalities must be reported.


How does the law regulate IVF treatment with own eggs in the Czech Republic?

The IVF treatment in the Czech Republic is available for any heterosexual couple. The female age is limited by 49 years, for the male partner there is no age limitation. The couples need to be heterosexual couples, but they don´t need to be married. We are not allowed to treat same-sex couples or single women. In terms of IVF treatment, we are allowed to perform genetic testing of embryos, including testing for aneuploidies and monogenetic disorders. Sex selection is not allowed. According to the personal medical history of our clients, we frequently recommend genetic testing of embryos. Genetic testing of embryos takes a standard part of the IVF treatment in the Czech Republic. Typically, is such investigation recommended for couples where is a history of repeated treatment failures or for females at the age above 35. PGT testing can improve embryo selection and shorten the time to achieve pregnancy.


What is the average cost of IVF with own eggs in the Czech Republic?

The average cost of IVF treatment in the Czech Republic can be estimated at 3 000 €, but the price can vary. Some clinics offer treatment for lower prices but not always are all necessary methods and medication included. So, it is crucial to find out if the price of the treatment is a package price, including all investigations or laboratory tests and methods and if there is also the medication included. Some clinics could market themselves only with the cost of the IVF treatment, but additional methods are not included, such as assisted hatching, ICSI method, freezing of embryos and storage of embryos and could vary among different clinics.



New IVF methods in the Czech Republic

There is a newly available method in the Czech Republic so-called the Ranking of embryos. With Ranking, we can analyze the culture medium of embryos and such analysis can improve the selection of embryos according to their implantation potential. Also, in terms of donor programmes, we can offer more detailed genetic testing of female and male donors, combined with genetic testing of the male and female partners. With such testing, we can eliminate approximately 200 - 600 most frequent genetic disorders.




Therapy with your own eggs and Genetic testing

Get to know the process of IVF therapy with own eggs and Genetic testing.

How much does the assisted reproduction cost?

The price depends on the type of therapy. Our clinic offers a wide range of possible treatments, ranging from the most basic, to highly specialised medical techniques. However, our philosophy is that the patient should be treated only with methods that are really necessary and beneficial. The information about the therapies we offer and the various prices will be given to patients by one of our coordinators. For more information, please fill in our contact form and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Do you wish to have a child after 40?

Assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic is restricted by law, where the age limit of the female partner is 48 years + 364 days. However, the pregnancy rate after the age of 35 dramatically decreases, even though the longing for a child persists. This is exactly why we are here, ready to help. We give back hope to our patients who are over 40 with a history of unsuccessful treatments elsewhere.

What are the risks related to the therapy?

Our experienced doctors try minimise any health complications, however, as with any medical procedure, complications may occur in some rare cases. The most typical complication with the hormonal treatment is so called Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). When this happens, the ovaries increase in size, sometimes creating ovarian cysts. This increases the pressure in the lower abdomen and in the rarest cases the patient can experience an accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. Especially in cases where the patient has reached pregnancy, there may be a need for her to be hospitalised. Hyperstimulation usually subsides spontaneously.

What is PGT? What is it used for?

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) is used for the genetic testing of the embryos prior to their transfer. It ensures that the embryos used for IVF are without any genetic anomalies. Thanks to this testing, we have increased the chances for impregnation and at the same time lowered the risk of abortion and miscarriages. Our clinic cooperates with the best genetic laboratory in the Czech Republic.

What examinations are needed prior to commencing the treatment?

For the determination of the right diagnosis and the best medical treatment plan, it is necessary to carry out some basic examinations of both the male and female partners. Those examinations can be carried out with your local gynaecologist and the results sent to us. Alternatively, they can be performed at our clinic during your personal consultation. If you already underwent the examinations during your previous cycles, the results can be sent to us as well. However, the results should be from less than 1 year ago.



Therapy with donated eggs

Read more about the specifics of the therapy with donated eggs at IVF CUBE.

When can I start with therapy? What is the waiting time for the required donors? 

According to our experience we know that our patients like to start as soon as possible or by a certain date. We have a broad database of donors which allows us to often fulfill the requirements of our patients quickly and immediately proceed to the therapy without lowering the couple’s donor requirements. An indicative time estimate, counting from the first contact to the embryo transfer, is 2-2.5 months.

How high is the success rate with donated eggs at your clinic?

In women older than 36 years, the success rate for the first therapy is around 65%.

What special methods does your clinic offer in connection to the donated eggs therapy?

Our clinic offers various methods for enhancing the success rate. Not all methods are suitable for all of our patients and we focus on an individual approach. The recommendations regarding additional methods are chosen according to the patient’s individual needs.

How much does the therapy cost?

With egg donation therapy we have to include not only the medical care and attendance for our patient, but also for the donor. The expenses connected with the donors are: the donor selection, all the needed examinations before and after the treatment, stimulation medication and egg collection. The price includes sperm processing, fertilisation using the ICSI method, embryo cultivation, assisted hatching and transfer. Lastly, we store the embryos here at our clinic for one year. This therapy is more expensive than the others, however, unlike other treatments we guarantee at least 8 eggs, with a minimum of 2 embryos of a high enough quality to transfer (if the male sperm analysis is normozoospermia).

How many times do I have to come to the clinic in person?

All the examinations before the treatment itself can be carried out in your country. The first consultation with our doctors can be done via phone call or Skype. You only need to attend the clinic when providing a sperm sample and for the embryo transfer.

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