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IVF CUBE clinic is dedicated to the issue of infertility diagnosis and the treatment of fertility disorders. We provide a broad range of treatment methods and additional techniques that increase not only the treatment success rates, but also the comfort of our patients.

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Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment has advanced to the next level thanks to modern medicine and new techniques. These new techniques are opening doors for couples that are experiencing conception

Modern Methods of Treatment

The method of in-vitro fertilisation, where the sperm is left alone to spontaneously merge with an egg, has been enhanced by additional methods to reach

Genetic Testing

Preimplantation genetic testing is a highly specialised technique designed to identify chromosomal aberrations (deviations and changes) or monogenic hereditary diseases before an embryo is

Egg Donation

Egg donation is a variant of artificial fertilisation using eggs donated by an anonymous donor. This solution is particularly suitable for women whose ovaries are no longer functional for various reasons

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Anita and David Sheedy from Ireland Anita and David Sheedy from Ireland

Anita and David Sheedy from Ireland

Watch the story of the artificial fertilization of our patients, Anita and David.

Anica and Alex from Germany Anica and Alex from Germany

Anica and Alex from Germany

Anica and Alex are from Germany, watch their story of a successful therapy.

Testimonials. Testimonials.


A few words from our happy patients.


Check out some testimonials from our satisfied patients.

Check out some testimonials from our satisfied patients.


Dr. Visnova provided her comment for MailOnline on

Dr. Visnova provided her comment for MailOnline on "miracle baby" being born to a woman without fallopian tubes.

Should we go fresh or frozen oocytes route on our IVF journey with donor eggs?

Should we go fresh or frozen oocytes route on our IVF journey with donor eggs?

Does obesity affect IVF success rate?

Does obesity affect IVF success rate? Should BMI be considered by insurance companies?

Infertile women who get pregnant and deliver baby may decrease their risk of cancer

New research on the risks of cancer revealed, that delivering a baby might be connected with lower risk of uterine and ovarian cancer for infertile women.

Experts say women need to orgasm during sex when they’re trying to conceive

Fertility expert Dr Hana Visnova, from IVF Cube, points out that the female orgasm is important for conception in another way...

Expert warns of the impact stress can have on your fertility

Infertility issues can put an enormous amount of pressure on a couple. And it often becomes a vicious circle where the more stressed you become, the harder it is to actually get pregnant.

Sarah and Neil came to CUBE after 7 miscarriages, calling for one-stop fertility shop in Ireland!

“If a clinic we’d been at previously had told us that three four years before we may not have gone down the donor route at that stage. But we might have done and I could be sitting here with four kids because we would have had more time."

Children born from frozen embryos are more likely to be girls

Female eggs are better at surviving the thawing process, claims a chief embryologist Dr. Renata Hüttelová from IVF CUBE for The Daily Mail.

Women should not be given false hope

While the use of rhG-CSF has been documented in scientific literature, there have been no robust studies into its effects, and therefore it's difficult to know how successful the drug is in treating recurrent miscarriage.

Scientists discover the best time and months to have sex if you're trying for a baby

The evidence relating to the best times of the day, or the year, for that to take place is conflicting and controversial.

British couple received donor eggs from a Czech student to become parents to twin boys after years of trying to conceive

The Brit mum, 35, said: "I was most nervous about donor egg because I was getting to end of my options. I always had using donor eggs in the back of my mind. I would have liked to have had mine and my husband's child. But being parents was the most important thing."

Israeli scientists found men are 47 per cent more likely to have swimmers with weak motility if they are under intense pressure.

Dr Hana Visnova, medical director at European fertility clinic IVF Cube in Prague, said the research hints at a ‘vicious circle’ when it comes to stress and infertility. Find out more.

HFEA wrong to criticise foreign IVF clinics

There has been a lot said about foreign IVF clinics and ‘false hope’ in recent days. You may have seen headlines screaming that ‘vulnerable’ couples ‘desperate’ to a have a baby are being ‘enticed’ by overseas IVF clinics.

Can you have sex after having IVF?

It’s not hard to find online fertility forums devoted to the subject, and often filled with conflicting advice, which only serves to add to the confusion and misinformation.

Infertile women are over 50% more likely to become pregnant if they are treated with two key hormones

Approximately one in seven couples in the UK struggle to conceive. There are two key hormones improving blood flow to the uterus lining. This is thought to boost conception rates by preparing for egg implantation

Can acupuncture assist IVF?

It can make the lining of the uterus more receptive to the embryo when it’s transferred, therefore aiding implantation during IVF. And because acupuncture can also help to relax the cervix, it prevents any painful cramps and again helps with the embryo transfer.

'Sperm magnets' that filter out deformed semen before women undergo IVF boosts pregnancy hopes by up to 10%, experts claim

Used prior to IVF, the treatment, known as magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS), involves using magnets that attract old, deformed semen that would unlikely survive to the stage of egg fertilisation.

Leading doctor at IVF CUBE Dr. Visnova gave interview for renowned British Daily Mail

Doctors are wrong to tell couples having IVF to abstain from sex: It doesn't stop you getting pregnant or harm the embryo, claims expert from IVF CUBE.

Dr. Visnova gave a speech for Irish health news server

IVF Cube has a matching system for suitable egg donors, which helps to match donors and recipients as quickly as possible and meet criteria given by the treated couple.In many cases, the treatment process can start immediately and embryo transfer can be performed in as little as 10 weeks.

Leading psychologist on the world famous blog

Each year I speak to hundreds of couples who all ask me the same thing: ‘How do I tell my child how they were conceived?’ Follow the article to find out more.

Articles in The Sun and Dailymail.

This week two articles have been published about our clinic in The Sun and Dailymail.

Sleep, Fertility Linked: 7-8 Hours Best For IVF Patients, Study Says

The amount of sleep women undergoing in vitro fertilization get each day may have an impact on their pregnancy outcomes, according to a new study. And too much might be just as harmful as too little.

Influence of embryo development by endometrial fluid

Recently published research by IVF team from Valencia, Spain, reveals that children born from donated oocytes are influenced during their development by their mother's uterus.

Genetic modification of human embryos as means to improve IVF

The genetic modification of human embryos remains a controversial issue, but a British scientist is hoping to become the first in the U.K. to gain approval to perform the process. It could be used to reduce miscarriages and increase the success rate of IVF.

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Established in 2011, our clinic is based on tradition, experience and continual education in the field of reproductive medicine. Our specialists have gained experience at the most reputable centres specialized in reproductive medicine, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to our professional expertise, we have been able to build a modern centre which has precise technical equipment, sophisticated processes and effectively trained personnel.

We understand that going through the process of fertility treatment may be challenging and stressful. That is why we provide support for our patients throughout the entire process. Our treatment coordinators are happy to answer any question and discuss each and every doubt. To increase the comfort of our foreign patients, we make use of partner clinics.... (more about us)


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