About Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment has advanced to the next level thanks to modern medicine and new techniques. These new techniques are opening doors for couples that are experiencing conception problems and might be in need for assisted reproduction. There is even hope for couples who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive for many years.

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Assisted reproduction is currently used by nearly one in every five couples in the Czech Republic. Infertility issues are on the rise and the number of children born through IVF has grown rapidly in the last decade. IVF consists of many treatment methods, from fairly simple procedures to more complex treatments with laboratory assistance.

For our clinic, the assisted reproduction process is not only about the high-tech medical procedures, an important aspect is also the psychological well-being of our patients. Our goal is to offer not only advanced medical care and high-tech treatment but also to provide care and support for our patients through the process. For anyone interested we can offer the possibility of a psychological consultation with our specialised psychotherapist free of charge.

The outcome of our work is a cumulative success rate over 84% (depending on the patient's medical history) and a reduction in the stress and worry experienced by our patients. The consultations and treatment are usually carried out by the same doctor to ensure that patients feel comfortable to share any problem or concern that they may experience.

Treatment Methods and Genetic Testing

The infertility treatment at IVF CUBE can be done by the use of various methods and the final decision about which methods are suitable is made after a discussion between the doctor and the couple. However, our policy is to only treat our patients with methods they actually need and are beneficial in the individual situation. Common treatment methods we use are IVF-ICSI with own or donated eggs or Intrauterine insemination. For IVF we can also offer genetic testing, primarily using the NGS method.

Infertility Causes and Therapy Process

Infertility treatment starts with identifying the causes. What are the most common infertility causes in men and women? What examinations are necessary to find out about one’s fertility? At IVF CUBE we perform a standard examination for both partners during the first visit. The therapy process depends on the chosen treatment method. Prior to starting the treatment, we will schedule an initial consultation and our doctor will advise you of the suitable method.

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