Therapy Process

Here at IVF CUBE, we approach each client individually according to their specific needs. We can generally describe the treatment process in the following steps.

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First Contact

From your first enquiry you will be assigned to an English speaking coordinator. This coordinator will be your guide throughout the entire treatment process. The first steps toward the IVF treatment is the collection of medical documentation, followed by a consultation with the doctor.

The results from previous therapies, together with some basic blood testing, that are sent to us prior to the Skype/phone consultations are highly appreciated.

The Initial Consultation

The first consultations are planned preferably for the afternoon hours and can be personal, via phone or Skype. The phone and Skype consultation is free of charge. During the consultation the patients have a chance to discuss the treatment in greater detail, covering all the important factors of the treatment, with time afterwards to answer all of your questions. If our patients prefer a personal consultation it is necessary to bring a valid form of ID with them.

During the personal consultation our doctors can perform any needed examinations that are missing, for example the sperm analysis for potential cryopreservation.

IVF-ICSI treatment with own eggs

IVF-ICSI treatment with donated eggs

After the initial consultation, in cases where the patient decides to undergo the therapy at our clinic, it is necessary to sign the informed consent forms prior to the treatment. The originals of these consents need to be sent via post to our address. In the case of a personal consultation, the consent forms can be signed here at the clinic.

The patient stimulation will go according to the doctor’s pre-planned therapy method, which is given to the patient by their assigned coordinator.

The stimulation treatment commences with the first day of the female’s cycle. Usually on the 6-8th day of the menstrual cycle the patient undergoes an ultrasound scan, with the results (image + report) sent to IVF CUBE. After the doctor’s evaluation further steps are discussed with the patient. The stimulation generally takes 8-14 days.

Collection and Fertilization

The egg collection is done on an empty stomach in the morning hours, therefore it is important for the couple to arrive in Prague one day prior to the treatment. The female patient has to be accompanied by another person for the egg collection procedure, usually her partner. The partner is asked to provide the sperm sample on the same day (if the sperm is not already cryopreserved here). After the procedure we ask our patients to stay in our resting beds for at least two hours.

Following the egg collection we fertilize the eggs using the ICSI method. This method can be used in conjunction with additional methods. The couple is informed about the fertilization results the next day.

The initial process of therapy planning is similar to IVF with own eggs therapy. Firstly it is important to have the completed medical documentation for the initial consultation. During the consultation the doctor will discuss in detail the donor requests, so that the optimal donor selection is ensured. After the clients have made the decision to go ahead with treatment at our clinic, it is important to sign the consent forms and send the originals to the clinic via post. In the case of a personal consultation, the documents can be signed here.

With therapy using donor eggs our clinic provides the guarantee of:

  • a minimum of 8 eggs received from the donor
  • 2 embryos in the blastocyst stage (with partner’s normozoospermia)

These are the minimal guarantees, which are in most cases exceeded.


Donor Selection

The egg donation is legal and completely anonymous. The donor is chosen with regards to the couple's request forms, which are completed together with the consent forms. While choosing the donors, we always take into consideration the phenotypical features of both partners such as eye and hair colour, together with many other features. For the most accurate selection, clients can also add their own photograph.

Our donor database has 700+ donors and it is one of the largest donor banks. For this reason we are able to find a suitable donor without a long waiting period. If you would like a donor that is not the standard European type, we would be able to arrange this as well.

Who are our donors? We choose only healthy women in the ages ranging from 20-34 years. Before we accept them to our donor database, they are thoroughly examined according to EU regulations.The examinations are both medical and psychological. We also examine the donor family medical history and test her for HIV, Hepatitis B, C, syphilis, caryotype and cystic fibrosis. Our clinical psychologist prepares a complete psychological profile which can be accessed by our patients upon request. Due to the fact that our donors and receivers are paired one to one, we do not provide egg sharing at our clinic.

Cycle Synchronization

We create each therapy plan according to the individual needs of our patients. The therapy is carefully planned and includes the complete list of all medication that will be needed throughout the treatment. The description of this plan is explained to each patient by the assigned coordinator. The purpose of the therapy plan is for the endometrial preparation before the embryo transfer and it is also crucial for the cycle synchronization between the donor and patient.

During the preparation, which lasts around 17 days, the patient usually undergoes an ultrasound. This ultrasound can be provided either by a local gyneacologist or one of our partner centres abroad.


As soon as we set the date for the donor’s egg collection, we inform the patient about the exact embryo transfer date. In cases where the clients decide to use their own sperm, the sample must be here at the clinic no later than the date of donor egg collection. Immediately after the egg collection, the eggs are fertilized using the ICSI method. We inform the patients the following day about the number of collected and fertilized eggs.

Embryo Transfer

The embryo transfer is performed 3 - 5 days after the egg fertilization. It is a simple medical procedure lasting for about 10 minutes. Before the embryo transfer, our patients have the possibility to see the embryos on the projector screen in front of them. To increase the chances of the embryo implantation and total body relaxation our patients are also offered acupuncture treatment, which is given 30 minutes prior to the transfer and 30 minutes afterwards. The patient may immediately travel back home, there is usually no resting period longer than 30 minutes.

After the Procedure

In the period after the embryo transfer, patients continue with medication until the pregnancy test. During this time we ask our clients to rest and relax, however there are no major restrictions influencing everyday life. Taking into consideration the impossibility of affecting the implantation by internal impulses, we recommend our clients not to preoccupy their minds with questions of the success rates. In every case it is recommended to avoid extreme physical activity, sauna visits, solariums and long hot baths.

Two weeks after the transfer a pregnancy test is planned. The most reliable method is blood testing. For this reason, we ask for the blood pregnancy testing with each patient.

The Result Evaluation

In the case of a positive pregnancy test, we ask the clients to set up an appointment for an ultrasound scan 2 weeks after the blood test. This ultrasound appointment is to confirm the heartbeat and heart frequency. After the heartbeat report, the client will obtain instructions on how to discontinue the medication from their coordinator.

In the case of a negative pregnancy test we further cooperate with the couple where we evaluate the steps taken and further steps are discussed. When couples have embryos cryopreserved here, the follow on procedure is the planning of the cryo embryo transfer. It is up to the couple whether they wish to start the new therapy with the next cycle or whether they prefer a longer time in between the treatments. In cases where the couple have no more frozen embryos, we will suggest other options.


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