We grow! And have celebrated the arrival of the 5000th baby in our new premises

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This year IVF Cube not only celebrates the 10th anniversary since the foundation, but also another milestone. In the beginning of July we expect the birth of the 5000th baby, so we decided to hold a little celebration. We held it together with an official opening of our new premises and artistic display of the new paintings.

The IVF Cube family will soon increase in number. In the beginning of July 2021, our patient Lucie from Prague, will bring her second baby into the world. The babyboy will be the 5000th baby conceived at IVF Cube. The future mum has already undergone two unsuccessful fertility treatments at clinics abroad. We are so happy that, after the couple´s years of failed attempts, we managed to achieve pregnancy only after three months of treatment.

When a baby arrives, usually you need to make some adjustments at your house. In our case, we celebrated the baby´s arrival by organizing our new premises, now extended by more than 200 square metres. We have a new operating theatre, a sample room and have extended laboratory and administration department.

Everyone who has ever visited our clinic knows, how important it is for us to make our patients feel comfortable. We do our best to create a cosy and pleasant environment. That´s why we accepted the offer from a well-known artist, Hesham Malik, to arrange a permanent display of his work at our clinic. The collection of sixty paintings is called „Women“ and represents a celebrations of beauty and magic of women in relation to various historical facts and myths. Each and everybody is heartily welcome.

Opening of the exhibition of paintings by Hesham Malik, 22.6.2021
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